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  • Gentle disinfectants with documented effect against Covid -19*

    Antiviral and antibacterial effect according to European Standards, EN1500 (antibacterial), *EN14476 (antiviral).

BarrierTech for Consumers

  • Effective antimicrobial protection
  • Safe in use
  • Very gentle
  • Alcohol free
  • Active and preventive
  • Convenient
  • Human healthcare and well bein

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BarrierTech Antibacterial Hand Foam can be used on hands on a daily basis.

It efficiently kills most pathogenic bacteria and viruses.

pH balanced and alcohol free. It is non hazardous to humans or animals and meet EN1500 & EN1476 Hygenic hand rub criteria

The product offers a lasting protection against new bacteria- and virus attack (for instance the resistant ”hospital bacteria” MRSA Staphylococcus Aureus, Noro virus and corona virus.

The product is ideal for the modern traveler, and when again visiting exhibitions and fairs etc.

BarrierTech Antibacterial Hand Foam

BarrierTech Antibacterial Hand Foam can safely be used by health personnel, and by those working in kindergartens, care-taking homes, veterinaries, dentists, health studios, beauty parlors/SPA´s, hotels, cruise-liners, food and beverage processing plants etc.

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BarrierTech Hand Disinfection

  • Hand disinfection is gentle on the skin, prevents risk of eczema and dry hands.
  • Provides a pleasant foam.
  • Meet EN 1500 and EN 14476 criteria
  • Effective against resistant and pathogenic bacteria and viruses.
  • Up to Log 5 reduction (99.999%) kills most bacteria and inactivates viruses.
  • Alcohol free and not flammable. pH neutral.
  • Requires no special storage and has long shelf life.
  • An innovative blend of quaternary ammonium compounds and water

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